The Coven of the Red Kite

A Practising Gardnerian Coven in Leeds

The Coven of the Red Kite

The Coven of the Red Kite celebrated its first seasonal sabbat at Eostre 2011, in a suburb of Leeds.

It is a working Gardnerian Coven, that aims to pass on the tradition as taught to its High Priestess through the lineage of Gerald Gardner, Patricia Crowther and Steve Critchley.

The Coven aims to celebrate the eight seasonal festivals (sabbats) of the year, and mark the thirteen new and full moons (esbats) of the year.

Through the Ravens Retreat we run a regular training and study group for genuine seekers and those wishing Intitiation into the Gardnerian Tradition.

We are also affiliated with the Ravens Rest Moot that gathers once a month in Leeds, and attend their Open Rituals for the eight seasonal festivals at the Stone Spiral on Rosebank Road (for further details use "The Ravens Rest" link on the Links page).